From a Clipping

From The Waukesha Freeman (Waukesha, Wisconsin), 10 July 1940, page 1: TEN GERMAN PLANES SHOT DOWN IN RAID OVER BRITISH ISLES London, July 10—(U.P.)—Ten German planes were shot down during mass raids on Britain today, an air ministry communique asserted. The ministry said that reports of the destruction of additional German planes were as yet unconfirmed. The communique did not specify where the planes were shot down. It was issued after Germany had sent her strongest air force against the British Isles. The biggest battle of the day raged over the English Channel off the southeast coast of England and it was believed that as many as 150 German and British planes participated in the spectacular engagement. In the major battle of the day–on the southeast coast–at least 100 German planes, bombers escorted by fighters, were attacked by British Spitfires and Hurricanes which arrived after the German planes had dropped a salvo of bombs on a convoy of ships. The attacked vessels joined in fire on the Germans. Witnesses said that when some of the German planes sought to escape across the coast, British fighters tailed them. A count of casualties was not immediately available. Some quarters said that five German planes were downed in the southeast coast battle and other witnesses claimed that they saw as many as 10 planes fall into the sea.… Editor’s Note: The Battle of Britain began on 10 July and continued through 31 October 1940. For more information, see the following websites: Battle of Britain (RAF website)


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