After working 7 years for a tyrant of a boss I had enough.

First let me describe.
When the company is making a lot money the boss buys expensive cars, boats, a lot of personal vacations and stuff. While never putting anything back into the business or making the work environment better. The place is filthy, equipment is ancient, and the boss yells and complains if things are not like a sweat shop environment.

When the company is not making money the boss still buys expensive things while never putting anything back into the business. The place is filthy, equipment is ancient, and the boss yells even more and complains even more if things are not like a sweat shop environment and he cuts employee hours but expects double the work.

Also he sits on face book all day and expect people in the office to be excited and even write and correct his face book posts, then turns around and complains they are not working hard enough and gets totally upset if anyone even looks at their own phone.

He only gives raises to those that complain or do not do their job right (this is suppose to be incentive to do the job right). If you do your job right, you will never get a raise, only cut hours and expected to do even more work in less time. He never compliments anyone on a good job, only complains even if you are making him money.  Oh and not to mention his paranoia that everyone is out to steal from him even if there is no cause what so ever.

Just recently my day (which is only 1/2 a day because the year before he cut my hours in half because he said he could not afford it) starts out with the boss yelling at me for not fixing the other employees mistakes. Next he yells and demands I to take a phone call from a bill collector to get him off his back, the bill collector yells at me, then after the call, the boss yells at me because I did not make the bill collector go away. Then the boss tells me he is going to cut my now part time hours yet again in half because he can’t afford to pay me, but he is going to hire a full time person I can train to do my work that I don’t now have time to do.

I call the boss later that night to tell him, my husband is not doing as well as I expected from his recent seizure, only to have the boss cut me off before I can say much of anything and starts raising his voice again and droning on and on about cut hours and getting a new full time employee.

At that point, it was the straw that broke the camels back. I hung up, saying I can’t do this anymore. At first I would not answer his calls, later when I answered he just continued to raise his voice at me droning on and on while I did not say a thing, he demands I give him 2 week notice to train the new person, saying I owed it to him.

At that point I felt I could not even answer his next couple of phone calls, I mailed him my keys and sent him an invoice for the final hours I had already worked. When he got the keys, he had the employees try to contact me.

The 1st called to beg me to go back because she did not want to do the job I was originally hired to do and took over from her when she did not want to do that job anymore.

The 2nd left a voice mail saying they would all be laid off if I did not come back and wanting to know how I did a task. I sent the instructions in an email along with other needed information. (This was the part of the job that I was not hired to do but was thrown in my lap after someone quit, and I had to figure a way to just do it)

The 3rd called wanting to vent about the boss. they claimed he said I had been under paid for a long time and he told them they did not deserve the raise he just gave them and then asked me how to do a task, which I explained. I also explained it was just my shortcut method, but as it was too dangerous and could break everything. I explained how they could do it manually. They understood the task and said that was easy enough, but also laughed about how they wanted a raise to do the extra task he now wanted them to do.

Next there was a series of text messages from the boss, 1st complaining, then a $4 raise for those cut hours, then a $9 raise just to come in and teach the shortcut. He still did not understand it never had anything to do with the money.

Then after a few days of nothing, then 4th employee sends an email says how I not only screwed over the boss but them over as well then proceeds ask a could questions then said they can’t pay my last pay but would pay me the final raised amount the boss offered to come in and train someone my shortcut. As I was taught by my mother “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” I did not answer.

The shortcut method is not trainable to anyone without many years of background knowledge, to do so would be setting the companies whole system up with a time bomb ready to explode. A understandable manual way of do the task was given to them, in order to continue to stay in business. The only difference was in time shortcut took me 15 mins, for someone else that did not understand what they were doing would take 30 mins to an hour, the manual way would take a about an hour. The shortcut was something I came up with on my own time, to be able to get a task done faster, so I could have time to do my normal job I was hired to do.

Lastly the 2nd employee sent an email just respectfully asking a question. I answered. I even got a reply from him that he was able to take care of the issue.  Finally no games?

Extra Note: over the 7 years I have walked out over other issues always to return the next day because I felt bad, each time I returned I felt it was worse after a few days.  This time I just could not bring myself to feel right about going back to that hostile environment.

On the bright note: Once another place heard I was no longer there, they asked if they could pick up the hours the other place had, for more than the other offered in the end and I could do the work from home.  This new place the co-workers are respectful of each other and the atmosphere is clean and comfortable (if I need to go in that is).

I did not write this in anger or malaise, I think I just needed to vent. and the names were purposefully left out.  I also wanted to show, sometimes there is a silver lining to things as well.  And Yes, I know some people will think I did a bad thing, like on how I left, but some people can only take so much before they say enough is enough.

If you would like to share your comments and/or your experiences I would be glad to post them right too.

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