Here in the Jousting Arena we have the Renaissance Fair of 2004 in Houston and the Enchanted Castles Awards.  The Awards are from when the Enchanted Castles jousted with other websites.

Jousting Arena

In the Royal Chambers there are Photos of Lady Kathleen and her Family

Royal Chambers

Right here at the Enchanted Castles is the Wedding and Honeymoon Pictures for Lady Kathleen and Sir Rodney. Wedding: March 16th at 2 pm in Galveston Texas at the Galveston Wedding Chapel. Honeymoon: Cruise on the Magic. 

Wedding and Honeymoon for Rod and Kathleen

Heraldry is fun and here are some of the Coat of Arms that are associated with Lady Kathleen. Over time it is my plans to post many differant Coat of Arms and give the details about each.  

Heraldry Images

Jon took his mother on a cruise. We went to Aug 31 2008 and left from Galveston and stopped at Grand Cayman, Cosumel, and Progresso. This is the book that I built as a keepsake for Jon.  The only way to just view it is at the Publishers Website

Cruise with Jon and Kathleen

On Aug 23rd 2008 Jenn and George got married on a Cruise ship. I was Jenn’s step mother, but we had a bond greater than that type of bond, Jenn and I were friends. I was privileged to be her “Brides Helper”. I was there to tie her into her […]

Wedding Album of Jenn and George Morales