Greetings Fellow Travelers of the Medieval Realm

Well Met: Kings, Queens, Knights, Princes, Princesses, Lords, Ladies and Dragons

Within the Castle Walls and the surrounding medieval areas we have many sites to see:

Lady Kathleen has many interests and does a lot of research and so check around there might be something here your interested in. There are things like Poetry, History and even Fantasy Stories, just to name a few. Some of the Realms within the Original Enchanted Castles have moved locations and have castles of their own, but you can still easily find them from here.

Here at Enchanted Castles we have a Fantasy Realm as well a History Realm, so if you’re fancy is one or the other or both you will be right at home. If you enjoy Poetry, might I suggest wondering down the road a bit to the Enchanted Poetry: An Enchanted Castles Fantasy Realm Realm where you can find many finely scribed poems written by Lady Kathleen. Of course maybe you’re the Royal Courtly type and like to discuss the World Affairs, then might I suggest Yes-23: Politics and the Common Man Realm, which is just over yonder. Thou will also find Sir RodZ hanging around there ready to test wits with thee.lions-addorsed

Within the Castle walls we have many tapestries to share. Over time we will be hanging many such works for your enjoyment. Many Tapestries are of family and friends which can also be found at Enchanted Family: An Enchanted Castles History Realm Realm, but there will be many that are not which might be something thou art looking for.

Did you say you were seeking the Titanic? Well, if thou dost not mind the water thou might try to take a peek at Enchanted Titanic: An Enchanted Castles History Realm. Hast thou heard that Lady Kathleen is related to the Captain? It is not fantasy it is true, and she tells her story within that realm.

Lady Kathleen loves to converse so please when you stop by, don’t be afraid to scribe a note.  And before I change the subject, let me bid thee welcome.

Now that the Meet and Greet is over, lets get into something I feel is very interesting. 

So start searching ye castles walls now!!