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Ye Elements of Medieval Enchanted Castles

The Elements of Medieval Enchanted Castles:

An indispensible feature of the castle of a great lord was the chapel where the lord and his family heard morning mass. In rectangular hall-keeps this was often in the forebuilding, sometimes at basement level, sometimes on the second floor. By the 13th century, the chapel was usually close to the hall, convenient to the high table and bed chamber, forming an L with the main building or sometimes projecting opposite the chamber. A popular arrangement was to build the chapel two stories high, with the nave divided horizontally; the family sat in the upper part, reached from their chamber, while the servants occupied the lower part.

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Medieval Castles in Europe and Asia

The Middle Ages are a period of time that range from about 500 AD until 1600 AD. The period came about after the fall of the Roman Empire and paved the way for new styles of architecture. One of the … Continue reading