Converting Your Home Into An Enchanted Castle

Are you still living in a home that looks the same as the other buildings in Birmingham do? Are you aware that a bit of overhauling and adding some stuff can make your abode seem like an enchanted castle? Do not imagine that you will be able to convert your home into a Hogwarts Castle, because that will cost you plenty of money. However, you can give an enchanted look to your home by following the tips mentioned below. Your first job is to contact an office refurbishment birmingham company. Their specialists have in-depth knowledge about changing the looks of buildings. They will help you convert your home into a castle that your neighbours will envy. Remember, you are not going to demolish your structure and create semi-circular walls. However, if your home already contains a semi-circular portion, it is a blessing in disguise, as it will make the castle look more authentic.

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Embrace texture and colourA home that has flat, colourless cabinetry, flooring, walls, as well as other fixtures can appear lifeless and boring. To give your home the appearance of extra roominess, even add dimension, you should use textures and colours creatively throughout each room. Elegantly textured cabinetry, "popcorn" painted walls, colourful or patterned carpeting, and tile, and several other upgrades, can give a magical effect to your home and make it feel more comfortable. These small additions also make your home look more castle-like and luxurious.

Depend on professionalsAccording to tradition, queens and kings never soil their hands by making repairs to their castles. Therefore, you should also outsource repair work to professionally trained people who know how to change the appearance of a home by making subtle alterations to its colours and fixtures. Adding a huge cauldron in your kitchen is a wise idea. Although you might not ever need to use it, you can brew spells by adding bat hair and lizard tails in it. Ask the professionals to replace the concealed pipes with ones fixed to the walls. Remember, how enemies used to raid castles by climbing their walls with the help of ladders. If the ladders were not big enough, they used the water pipes.

Landscape your yardsCheck the pictures of some of the most beautiful castles in the world. You will observe that all of them have beautifully landscaped gardens and lawns. There is no need to worry if the space of your yard is not as spacious as those you can see in front of castles, keeping it landscaped allows you to give your house a castle-like aura. Keeping the lawn neat and trimmed, putting in flower bulbs in your garden, and planting shrubs and trees and can play a huge role in making your castle appear well maintained and luxurious.
Et ceteraEven though you have added a cauldron in your kitchen, including stuff such as hanging copper pots represents the quintessential castle-themed kitchen. A castle without a fireplace is not a castle at all. Bring castle mystique into your home by adding a wood-burning fireplace.